Packing and Travelling For a Hike

When it comes to hiking and other adventurous trips, how you pack your bag becomes a vital part of the preparation. Unlike packing for a holiday where you can stuff everything in without a worry, a hiking bag has to carry your clothes and equipment in an efficient way. In this post we will look at top tips on how to pack your bag as well as some airport hacks.

Packing your bag correctly is the most important preparation a hiker can do before setting off. Bringing the incorrect gear or forgetting an important item can not only cause stress and discomfort but also be potentially dangerous. Much will depend on whether it is your first hike or not as they say that a hiker never carries more weight on their second trip than they did on their first.

If you are unsure on what to pack then there are several lists on the web that can guide you to ensure you pack the essentials. The distance and duration of your hike will determine the type of bag and equipment you will need. A long hike will need a bag that is around 60-80 litres so that you can fit in camping gear, important supplies and personal items. Finding the right bag is extremely important when hiking, as you will be carrying it around for the entire trip. It pays to make sure you get the right one for you. If in doubt seek advice from a travel shop.

packing for hike

When it comes to packing your items, how you pack is as vital as what you pack. The backpack should be split into three sections: bottom zone, core zone, and top zone. At the bottom will be the equipment that you won’t need unless you are making camp such as your sleeping bag. In fact putting your soft sleeping items at the bottom will also act as a shock absorber if you fall or drop your bag. In the core section are essential items that you will need during your hiking trip such as cooking equipment. It is also wise to pack heavy items in the middle to make sure your bag is neither bottom nor top heavy. The top section is for equipment that needs to be at hand such as coats and your first aid kit. Before you leave for your hike do a dummy run to make sure the bag feels right. While there are tips you can follow, the bag has to feel right for you.

Airport Hacks

Nothing beats hiking in some far-flung destination, which will often include flying to get there. To ensure your bag isn’t damaged on the flight, it is best to tie off your straps to safeguard them against getting caught in conveyor belts. Another option could be to put your bag in a bag sack for extra protection and security.

packing for hike

When bringing your bag to the airport be sure to check the parking options, as there are some useful short cuts that you can take to alleviate your trek to the departure lounge when you’re carrying a big backpack. Many airports, especially in the UK offer services such as meet and greet options which are ideal for travellers carrying large bags or equipment. These services not only take away the effort of carrying your equipment to the terminal, but you also won’t have to find a parking space as you can either be dropped off by a friend or relative or a valet will park your vehicle for you.

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