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5 of the best reasons to visit Dubai

Dubai Night View

Dubai has emerged to be one of the most alluring tourist destinations in the last two decades. With diversified culture, assorted cuisines, stunning architecture and artwork, the city offers something for every taste. If you are planning to travel to the Middle-East for your next getaway, you must put Dubai on your list. Here are five reasons why:

  • Breathtaking skylines:

Dubai is famous for its amazing architectures and of course the some of the tallest manmade structures. You can enjoy amazing views from anywhere in the city, be it downtown or the Marina bay. The city is full of skyscrapers. The Burj Dubai (Burj Khalifa) and the Burj Al Arab are the two of the tallest hotels in the world. Enjoy their beauty on lazy afternoons with a good book or an exotic drink. If you are not afraid of heights, try the top floor bars.

Dubai Skyscrappers

  • Sensational manmade islands and luxurious hotels:

We simply cannot talk about Dubai without bringing up the incredible Palm island. The palm tree shaped island is yet another reflection of Dubai’s ambition. Packed with hotels, private villas and resorts the island is equipped to host kings. It is even visible from outer space. You can tour the island by speed boats or yachts. Or you can go straight to the Atlantis resort via the Palm Monorail. Besides, this there is a second manmade island known as “The World”. If you are wealthy enough, you can by a “country” there. The city has the finest luxury hotels in the world. The iconic “Burj Al Arab” is a 7-star hotel which stands on its own island. The Hotel is equipped with a fleet of Rolls Royces for its esteemed guests. It also has a helipad. Pampering its customers with revolving beds and private beaches, the hotel fulfills all grown up fantasies. You can even choose your pillow from a selection of 17 different types.

  • Exotic cuisine:

The culinary scene is growing with a futuristic vision. They have something for every taste and price point. From traditional cuisines to expensive premium steak’s and burgers, you can taste cuisine from all over the world. The city is full of Arab-Indian-Persian- Pakistani- Indian- Filipino-Chinese-Japanese- French-American and British restaurants, due to its diverse population and culture. Food festivals happen quite often and new eateries pop-up frequently. The Friday brunches are like no other. These brunches are far from typical. They are all-you-can-have mega meals. One cannot help but indulge himself in such occasions.

  • Aesthetic art and colorful attractions:

Dubai has some of the most amazing cinemas, theme gardens, wild life sanctuaries and art museums in the world. The art scene had its humble beginnings form Alserkal Avenue art district. They have now spread through the financial areas with a more modern and slick perspective. Dubai offers diverse art for all art aficionados. Among the dynamic arts, the fireworks, and the fountain displays are amazing feats of technology. The Atlantis hotels try to outdo themselves in fireworks display every year since its inception. The World and The Palm islands put on magnificent displays. The Burj Khalifa hosts firework displays at New Years’ Eve and it has become the central point of the city’s attractions. “The Dubai fountain” is another sight worth enjoying.

Dubai Skyline

  • Shopper’s heaven:

The city has the largest shopping mall in the world which goes by the name “The Dubai Mall”. High-end retail stores on every corner makes it a perfect place for shopaholics. It’s therapeutic for many. The Dubai Shopping Festival lasts one moth every year, usually from December through January. The festival hosts concerts and giveaways. The shoppers can even win cars and gold. The traditional gold market is also worth visiting. Gold prices are cheaper there than America or Europe, but you can always bargain for a lower price.

Be it with your loved ones or by yourself, Dubai will not disappoint in any way. Though most of these come with a hefty price tag, you can also enjoy the city without putting a hole in your pocket as the culture is very hospitable. If you are travelling alone, you can put all your worries behind as it is one of the safest cities of the world. You will definitely enjoy every moment in the warm weather of Dubai.

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Picture Courtesy : Pixabay

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