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The Ultimate Guide to Trekking in Bhutan

Bhutan Trekking Guide

If you are an avid adventurer looking for something new to add to your trekking experiences, Bhutan is the place to be. While there’s a truckload of things to do in Bhutan, trekking is definitely the most exciting of them all. This is mainly owing to the region’s pristine natural beauty that is abounding in tranquil mountainous lakes, magnificent glaciers, and some of the world’s endangered species. From a quick one-day hike to a thrilling 31-day adventure, Bhutan has it all.

  1. Druk Path Trek

This is a very popular six-day trek, and it is part of a number of Bhutan tour packages. During this trek, you will be able to drink in the exquisite landscapes filled with verdant forests of blue pine, fir, and dwarf rhododendrons. You will also pass by the sparkling blue Jimiling Lake. The trek starts at Paro and ends at the Bhutan Broadcast Service (BBS) Telecommunication Tower.

  1. Jomolhari Loop Trek

The Jomolhari Loop is the shortest of all the Jomolhari treks. If you have a gap of seven days in your Bhutan packages, you may be able to fit this one in. Take your camera along to get pictures of the amazing flora and fauna as you pass through. At the Jomolhari base camp, Jangothang, you will enjoy a spectacular view of the Mount Jomolhari. The trek starts and ends at Gunitsawa Village.

Trekking in Bhutan

  1. Snowman Trek

If you are looking for something that can test your endurance, the Snowman Trek should definitely feature in your Bhutan holidays. The Lonely Planet describes this trek to be one of the most difficult in the world. It begins at Gunitsawa Village, passes through Laya, and finishes in the Duer Village of Bumthang, depending on the trek you choose.

  1. Nabji Korphu Trek

If you’d rather settle for a short and easy hike in warm climate, then you should certainly opt for this one. It is an excellent way to start your experience of Bhutan tourism. You may get a glimpse of animals like the red panda, golden langur, Himalayan black bears, clouded leopards, and a lot more. This trek also lets you experience traditional and rural Bhutanese life and culture. The trek starts at Tongtongphey and ends at the Nimshong Village.

Bhutan Hiking

  1. Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek

Imagine a place with several lakes surrounded by picturesque mountain ranges; that’s the Dagala trek for you. It is hardly any surprise that this makes the list of places to visit in Bhutan. While the Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek may be a bit strenuous, the peace and beauty of the location make it well worth it. The trek starts at Gynekha and ends at Chamgang.

Make sure while you are looking through Bhutan holiday packages, you choose one that has the itinerary of the trek of your choice.

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