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Top Things to Do In Breckenridge


There’s a lot you can do in a resort town like Breckenridge, Colorado. With unlimited outdoor access and a ton of downtown amenities, this little Colorado city is a great place to spend your next holiday. It also has plenty of choice in places to stay, and some of the nicest lodgings include the many Breckenridge cabins for rent. When the locals leave town for their own vacation destinations, these gorgeous homes become available for yours. So if a trip to Colorado is on your bucket-list, check out these awesome ways you can spend your time in one of the state’s most exclusive vacation spots.

Check Out The Ski Resort

Breckenridge is probably best known for its colossal ski resort with its many routes and slopes. Skiers from all over the world flock to Colorado each year to get in on its incredible skiing and snowboarding opportunities, and the routes found in Breckenridge are no exception. Ski season in CO tends to be long, with plenty of snow late fall through springtime— especially in a resort like this, located at nearly 3,000 meters of elevation. And even if the place gets a little crowded, with 34 lifts it’s easy to stay active on this mountain without having to wait too long in any lines. Take a lesson at the ski and snowboarding school while you’re there or pop into town to explore. The town offers amazing bars, bistros, and breweries to suit just about any need. It also has a great nightlife scene, one of a kind shopping, and ample day spas. It’s easy to treat yourself and find something for everyone at this world-renowned resort.

Try Alpine Sports

Alpine sports like hiking and mixed climbing are an obvious choice for your next trip to Colorado. The state is bursting with world-class athletes and mountaineering schools to help you train in their league. Whether you want to conquer a mountain, break in a new pair of hiking boots, or learn a new skill, it’s easy to get your hands dirty in the alpine arena in Colorado.

Outside of the more intense alpine endeavors, hiking is a huge sport in and around the city of Breckenridge. Some easy day hikes to get you started include Hoosier Pass Loop, Carter Park, and Sawmill Trail. If you’re looking for something more challenging check out McCullough Gulch and Mohawk Lakes. For something that will truly challenge the experienced hiker, a favorite trail includes the ten or so mile trek along Wheeler National Recreation Trail. With views that aren’t to be beat on all these trails, it’s an awesome way to spend your vacation and get to know the surrounding outdoor areas.

Discover Local History

There’s a long amazing history of Victorians passing through Breckenridge during the Gold Rush days, and many of it remains fully accessible to the interested visitor. The Gold Rush is actually what began this city in the mid 1800’s after gold was found and shops, hotels, and saloons cropped up in the area. Visit some of the historic homes of original settlers, and tour the places once heavily mined for gold. Today, visitors can still see some of these sights and learn about the events that drew in the Victorians and started the town that grew into a ski resort and favorite alpine destination in the U.S.

Explore The Golf Club

Unbelievably, Breckenridge also has some amazing opportunities for golfers.  Depending on what time of year you go, a visit to the golf course is most certainly in order. This 27-hole course has a stellar backdrop of towering snowy mountain peaks, and is the perfect place to unwind or even spend a whole day. Pop in the gold clubhouse for a drink afterwards or shop around for a souvenir. Be sure to snag a few epic shots of your swing with the mountains in the background, as it’s unlikely you’ll ever sink a hole in one in such a beautiful place again.

Get Active As A Family

If you’re looking for a less-focused way to spend a few hours outdoors, look no further than Carter Park. While the ski resort and golf clubs are the perfect place to spend a focused afternoon,  Carter Park is an all around recreational and sports center where whole families can pass the day outdoors trying different sports and activities. A ton of sport courts are scattered throughout the park and a picnic area encourages a friendly family atmosphere. The picnic area even offers a little heat in the colder seasons, a dedicated sledding space makes a great use of the natural landscape. A well-maintained playground means that even the little ones can engage in the a day spent outside here. Bring your dog along as well, as the park has a dog friendly area too!

Take A Bike Ride

Still looking for a few more fun things to do in Breckenridge? Why not rent a bike and get to know the area that way? With tons of trails, bike paths, and bike friendly roads, it’s easy to get to know the town and surrounding wildlife areas by bicycle. Explore rural trails, take your bike into town, and drive by historic landmarks. Skip the car rides in favor of a healthier way to get around. Biking is easily one of the best ways to spend some time outdoors as a family, especially when choosing routes even the kids can enjoy.

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