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Delhi to Agra: The Ultimate Road Trip

The very mention of the city creates an air of mysticism, a feeling of antiquity. That is the impact of the Mughal capital of Agra. And a destination as epic as such calls for an epic journey. Because the real excitement of a holiday is in the journey that gears you up for more thrill and adventure when you finally reach the destination. So, if you are planning for a quick weekend escapade to Agra from Delhi, here’s a guide to turn this drive into a memorable journey.

For an ultimate road trip, here are a few things you can look at:

Before you start…

How you will be traveling can say a great deal about how your journey will turn out to be. And ‘how’ includes your ride and the route.

Agra is about 233 Km from New Delhi and takes roughly four hours to reach.

For a comfortable and a convenient travel option from Delhi, book a Delhi-to-Agra cab from a reputed car rental service. You can rent chauffeur-driven cars online with Savaari Car Rentals, which is one of the most reliable in the game. Ola Outstation too is one of the main players in the intercity space. Such travel solutions will ensure that your travel time is maximized and you enjoy a smooth journey.

Take the National Highway 2 (the earlier route) or the new Yamuna Expressway for a world-class driving experience.

Start early…

Needless to say, a road trip is no fun if you have to sit in the traffic for hours. Ensure that you hit the highway before the office traffic builds up in the city.

An ideal itinerary would be:

  • Leave Delhi by 6 AM.
  • Stop by for breakfast around 7/7.30 AM
  • Stop for refueling or other refreshment breaks around 9 AM
  • Reach Agra by 10/10.30 AM.

You can do the major sightseeing of the historic city and head back to Delhi on the same day.

The best time to travel…

Whether it is your maiden trip or returning tours of Agra, it is all about the best experience. And for the same, you need to travel when the weather is at its pleasant best. The best time to hit the roads in this part of the country is post monsoon when the roads are not slushy and there is a slight coolness in the air, washed by the rains, and above all, you can avoid the unbearable Delhi summers. You can also travel between the months of October and December, but this is usually a peak season for tourists and can get crowded.

Pit stops

The fun of being on the road is that you can stop anywhere to take a quick bite. Right after your cross Delhi’s city perimeters, there are numerous ‘dhabas’ and roadside eateries offering sumptuous north Indian delicacies across chats, lunch thalis, Punjabi food, and even Rajasthani food.

Experience the culture shift…

A little detour on a road trip is always fun and adds a little spark to your travel experience. As you cross the concrete cityscape of Delhi, Gurgaon, and Noida, you will notice the changing skyline, with a wider horizon with scanty foliage and smaller settlements.

The route from Delhi to Agra has some places of historic and cultural significance. You can make stopovers at famous towns like Gokul, Vrindavan, or Mathura.

You can stop at any of the famous temples or just take around town and stop by for souvenirs.

All these little adventures en route to your destination is sure to take your idea of a road trip to a whole new level and make your weekend truly memorable!

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