For those of you who find it exciting to plan a wedding, a honeymoon planning could also involve a lot of thrills and suspense. A honeymoon is all about moments of pleasure and relaxation for the new bride and groom without any time limit. In order to pick the right destination, you’ll need to do a careful research on cities and beaches that are most popular in Mexico.


In case you’re a honeymooner who’s searching for any active hotspot, then you must pay a visit to Cancun. One amongst Mexico’s high-energy destination, Cancun with its turquoise Caribbean waters is trusted by visitors all over the globe. Luxurious accommodations within the Cancun Palace come with wireless internet for free, long-distance phone calls without any limit, water sports activities that aren’t motorized, 24-hour room service, 43 restaurants to choose from, unlimited wine and Jacuzzis inside your room. A travel blog directory is of much help to visitors who’re seeking further information.

Honeymoon at Mexico


The Mexican Caribbean’s largest island is the Cozumel which is situated on the tail of the Yucatan Peninsula. For both family-oriented groups and honeymooners who’re fond of nature, snorkeling and scuba diving in this calm island seem a haven. Exploring landmarks of historical value provides you with a unique opportunity to know more about the ancient Mayans. You’ll be amazed to look at the vividly colored and warm waters of Cozumel and the beaches. The island is surrounded by waters that bear a large reef. The water gets filtered as it passes through the reef and appears clearer before it rolls ashore. You’ll find an all-inclusive hotel in Cozumel known as The Park Royal Resort that serves you with International and domestic beverages without any limitation, snacks, and meals. The beverages in the offer include choicest brands, resort tips and taxes, open air theatre performances, a snorkel tour and other entertainments at night.

Puerto Vallarta

Mexico’s tourist havens are known for treating their guests as royalty, and there’s no exception with Puerto Vallarta. Puerto Vallarta is known for its private beaches, guest rooms with hot luxurious tubs, secluded corners for romance amid its plush and large vegetation that adds to its natural beauty. Your right choice is Velas Vallarta, in case you’re searching for a luxurious, top-notch and romantic place to be with your companion. Candlelight dinners in a boat to perks from champagne are included in your honeymoon package. The package offers amenities that could be enjoyed for a minimum of three nights. You may even experience a few amazing events like visiting Downtown Puerto Vallarta for shopping of home-made merchandise and exploring the shores that allow you to relax for long hours. You’re likely to enjoy scuba diving beside the reef and going on a tour of lands where you’ll get an opportunity to explore the native culture. The beaches of Velas Vallarta are power-sanded and a trip to this place offers body massages below draped tents, Mexican dining that is authentic and fresh and a few other things of interest that are all-inclusive.

Honeymoon at Mexico

Mexico City

You may not consider Mexico City as your favorite honeymoon destination unless you’re keen on visiting the Aztec district which is noted for its historical value amongst other large cities. This area is popular because of its unique shopping, Mexican cuisine, and museums. The federal district at the center of the Mexico City holds the Presidente Inter-Continental Hotel. A business center with full-service and beauty salons are amongst the luxurious amenities that keep you pleased during your stay at this hotel.

Your experience gets customized by specific amenities that are included in your honeymoon packages. The online buying options include hotel booking, flight charges, complimentary champagne, and breakfast in bed as well as suites for young couples. Other amenities included in your honeymoon package are a complimentary wedding cake, a romantic dinner and staying at a sister resort.

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