Looking to visit a city that never sleeps and makes an everlasting impression? Book the next flight to Delhi to appreciate a treasure chest of impressive sights from the Qutb Minar to the modern marble Lotus Temple. Divided into two parts-old and new, this city has a wealth trove to offer you. In the old city, cars, pedestrians, animals and rickshaws clamour for space and small joints, shops and inconspicuous heritage structures dot the alleys and lanes. The New part of the city resembles the uber-cool and cosmopolitan look of a developed city.

The culture is diverse because of a huge influx of migrants calling it their home. A quaint blend of traditions, religions and customs has painted colourful hues to the ethos and moral fabric of the city. It has grown to be a hub of activity, art, culture, fashion and business lending it a diverse culture and history to be proud of.

The alluring charm of the city draws a huge number of tourists. Tourists also make it a halt for a transit to visit nearby attractions like the foothills of the Himalayas, deserts of Rajasthan or the mountainous Ladakh. There is a lot one can get out of this city in a day, as it is well connected by roads, trains and air with all parts of India. Delhi Metro Service is also very important in connecting important places within the city.

The wanderer, voyager, officer or business tycoon- something for everyone 

Delhi, as a city has something to offer to every kind of traveller. The voyager can drink up the parks, centuries-old monuments, colonial pomp and splendour, the officer and business tycoon can drive up to their swanky offices and then head off to catch a glimpse of the nearest tourist attraction, and the officer who is on a fly by visit and wants to savour some lip smacking food and take some home to keep the taste alive.

Airport runs

Yet, for all it offers, Delhi poses several challenges too. One of thee is commuting. Providers like Zoomcar are doing their bit to ease the woes of travellers by offering self-drive car rental. The conventional Delhi Airport Taxi Service can now be replaced by affordable and convenient self-drive cabs, which not only make airpot pickup and drops easy, but also stay with the traveller for the duration of the stay. A Delhi airport cab which also ferries one to the many alluring destinations in and around Delhi is a smart choice indeed!

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