One of my recent vacations and truly memorable one was to Auli, Uttarakhand with my family. We enjoyed some of the most interesting things such as natural beauty, snowcapped mountains, snow view, peaks, specially enjoy skiing. We, a family of 4, planned a 4 Day & 3 Night tour from 21st December to 24th December 2016.

We boarded the Volvo bus from Kashmiri gate for Rishikesh. We reached in the morning around 5’o clock. We went to the local market in Rishikesh, to treat us to the delicious maggi and tea. After we were done with the morning chores we began exploring the market. We avoided the shared cab because they were crowded and not sufficient for us. So we hired a private cab from Rishikesh to Joshimath, which is comfortable but a little heavy on the pocket.

We reached Joshimath by 3 PM, after which we took the cable care from Joshimath to Auli. The ticket cost was INR 500 per person. We were surprised to know that it is longest and highest cable car in Asia. The cable car runs throughout the day, and last one run 4:30 PM. The open cable car take 4 passengers in one time. The upward journey was simply marvelous. As far as they eye could see we saw pure white snow. Trees were covered in snow and we were just itching to get down and have fun. As we reached Auli, we checked in to hotel and relaxed overnight.

Trip To Auli

We woke up early and went outside of hotel. We were blessed with view of Nanda Devi peak (second highest peak in India) and other mountain peaks. The fresh white snow made us forget everything and play like kids. We had a snow fight and clicked photographs there. Later, we went to explore our surroundings. Just near our hotel we found two dhabas, both were offering Marwari food. We are decide to check one of them and noticed that they had only vegetarian options in their menu. We asked if they had any non-veg items, and the guy said yes, its on-demand, then we ate non-veg. it was very yummy. After that we went to walk on mountains. The view of mountains amazing, scenic and memorable. Tall fir, pine trees and mountains, most of them covered in snow. There are man-made artificial lake near Cliff Top Club, this is wonderful and after that we came back to our hotel and had a tasty dinner.

The next day we woke ourselves with hot breakfast. Afterwards we went to GMVN to try our hands at skiing. It was very difficult to concentrate on the sport as we had so much natural beauty to gawk at. There are many instructors who offers their services at INR 600 per person per day. They gave us boots and gear at no extra cost. After few attempts at skiing we realized it was not easy sport, but fun and it can’t be learnt in a two days. At least seven days is needed to learn beginner lever skiing.

Our stay at Auli needed much sooner than we wanted. I really enjoyed last year Auli so that I plan to return soon. Auli is indeed a beautiful treasure nested in the arms of Greater Himalayas!

Clifftop Club, Auli : 2500/-