Yeah, I know, there are thousands of Travel Bloggers around the world having various niche and growing everyday at an immense rate. But I’m continuously in discovery mode of finding such good blogs to follow. While planning for a trip, these travel bloggers have always come to rescue instead of commercial sites. Who wants to know the altitude and other unnecessary details while planning a trip? So, we always tend to look for personal experience that other people had. Because by reading commercial blogs, we can only know about the geographic condition of the destination, how to reach that destination et cetra. So most of us head over to Trip Advisor Forums after reading such blogs to clear out our various queries and make the itinerary tailored according to our needs. While querying in Google, we always come upon few blogs with the personal touch which we tend to look for, which helps us planning our trips according to our needs and resolving various queries.

Below are few Travel Bloggers whom I follow personally as of today’s date. I’ll keep pouring in more and more bloggers whom I find useful.

NOTE : By no way, I support Link Exchange. So please don’t comment me saying “You Link Me, I’ll Link You”. Yes you can recommend me your blog, but if I find it useful, I’ll surely link it without any return benefit.

I’d also like to mention three such lists of Top Indian Travel Bloggers by Thrillophilia, Holidify and Hello Travel which is a must go-through to find Top Travel Bloggers in India.