We all love that initial phase of the journey- the planning, packing and little bit of researching- when the excitement levels are a little too high and a mere sight of a local map is enough to get you started on all the places you aim to visit. While you may or may not like to label yourself as a planner, one thing we often fall short of, is doing that little pre-prep homework before boarding the flight that’s going to take you to your happy destination.

You might wonder, why is that even necessary. Right? Well, you will be surprised to know that a little pre-planning can work wonders in turning your in-flight experience a smooth affair aiming to set that excitement level a notch higher; after all, you don’t really want to start your journey on a tired and groggy note. Read on.

Remember to pack the essentials

By essentials we mean your passport, flight tickets, important travel documents, identity proofs, and wallet. In short, basically everything that will allow you to travel hassle-free. We know, it can be tricky to remember and locate each of these tiny details when you are actually running short of time. A better option is to make a checklist beforehand, and collect and keep everything at one place, a night before you board your flight.

Save the last-minute panic attack for some other day!

Keep your entertainment options

While most airlines offer a wide range of entertainment options onboard, it is better to pre-check and carry some of your own stuff, so that by the end of the flight you don’t find yourself drowning in the depths of boredom.

Pack along some books, magazines or movies and find a better way to spend all that time. Carrying an e-book reader along is a great option as well! Do you know that you can even carry a television onboard Air India flights free of charge? Yes! but this is applicable only when you are buying it out in a foreign country like Oman and getting it is packed up condition to India.

Keep those gadgets running

To keep your favorite entertainment options well and running, you need power. And that’s where items like a phone charger or a power bank act as a game saver. Pre-charge your devices before boarding the flight and make sure you pack these in your flight carry ons.

Carry some comfy clothes

It is always a great idea to carry some extra clothes along with you, in your carry bag. Make a note of the weather conditions of your destination and keep a spare set along. Do carry that light sweater or scarf if you think it might get cold. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

Health check

Traveling on a flight can be a tricky affair, especially if it’s a long haul one. Needless to say, it’s always a great idea to pack in some medication according to your requirements and needs.

Carry along electrolytes, eye drops, gums as well as copies of your prescription. Pre-check the flight’s menu options and if you have specific needs, carry some homemade snacks along with you. Remember, it is important to keep oneself hydrated and,well and going.