Hey!! I’m Krishnandu Sarkar born and bought up in Kolkata, India. I’m a Software Engineer by profession (and education too 😛 ) and a traveler by heart.

Krishnandu Sarkar

I used to travel since I was kid and since then my love and passion for travel grew up. My grandfather used to be a D.C.E in Railway PWD and thus we as a family members used to get free or concession tickets twice every year. So we used to travel twice a year and that also 2 week to 1 month long holidays.

He had immense knowledge of various destinations and thus, he used to plan the whole trip for us. We were always a budget traveler. I still remember, we used to carry a trunk where we used to carry stove, some basic utensils needed for cooking and ration for 2-3 days. Due to his profession, he had great contacts and various destinations and everywhere we used to opt for guesthouses or homestays where we used to cook our own food. Even in 2010, we were in Puri and spent a whole week and our total cost was 10,000/- for 5 person as we used to cook daily.

Now when I look back, I realize that these homestay concept is nothing new and I do not find a single traveler who would think of cooking when at holiday. Though holiday means different thing for different people. For most of them it’s a way to relax and get out of their hustle bustle busy city life. But for us, traveling was always a passion, to experience, see and explore new destination.

I believe, I have got this planning traits inherited from him. I love researching about destinations and planning trips on my own which pitch perfect detail of what we are going to do every day with fallback plans. Being a budget traveler we prefer to travel via Shared mode of transport, so keeping a fallback plan is always recommended. Back then, my grandfather used to write various notes in his dairy with a Time Table book in hand. Now I understand what he used to write in there, as after he being passed away, those duties got assigned to me automatically.

I love planning and chalking out my trips to make it in lowest possible budget keeping a tab on convenience too. So, you can always expect to find budget tips on my blog. As myself, being a budget traveler, I do a lot of research about the destination. But this does not at all means, I do not like unplanned trips. I do love unplanned trips, but getting to know about the destination and traveling with a fixed itinerary is a whole different thing.

But, still, I really miss those days, as that time I used to travel without any bound. But now, I had to always keep in mind the number of days according to the number of leaves I have. I still remember, we went to Garhwal and came back after a whole month. Planning for a trip and making an itinerary is a whole different thing. We had all the plans of how can we move from here and there and the bus timings and all, but with no specific itinerary.

Sometimes I feel puzzled about so much destinations in my wish list and the same being growing every day I see something on internet. The life is too short to cover even a quarter of the world.

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